Ο Αυστραλός John Rillie, που είχε έρθει στην πρωταθλήτρια τότε ΑΕΚ το καλοκαίρι του 2002 (17/8) και αποχώρησε το φθινόπωρο (27/11) έδωσε συνέντευξη στο eurobasket.com όπου είπε τα παρακάτω για την ομάδα μας και το πέρασμά του από αυτή...

Eurobasket.com: You played in AEK Athens, why you left from there?

John Rillie: The AEK situation is a very interesting one. Although I was not performing at the level I was hoping, the bank account was very light. When you are responsible for other people (wife and child), it is very important the bank account is getting looked after. History will show i was not the only one in a tough situation there.

Eurobasket.com: Whats your opinion about the strength of the Greek league.

John Rillie: I loved playing in the Greek competition and Euroleague. The European style is a lot different to Australia. In Europe it is very tacticial and half court driven. Each possession means a lot to the outcome of the game. Australia is very much run and gun and a whole lot looser. Europe really helped develop areas of my game that needed work to be successful at the international level.

"Τράπεζα" ήταν ο Φιλίππου όπως έγραφαν οι υμνητές του τότε...
Μόνο που έφερνε περισσότερο στη Lehman Brothers...

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