Τελικά το φημολογούμενο ενδιαφέρον για τον Αμερικανό, ήταν πραγματικό και το βράδυ η ΚΑΕ ανακοίνωσε την απόκτηση και του Lamont Mack (16/3/1987, 2μ01, 104 kg).

Συμφωνία με Λαμόντ Μακ

Η Διοίκηση της ΚΑΕ ΑΕΚ βρίσκεται στην ευχάριστη θέση να σας ανακοινώσει την μεταγραφή του Λαμόντ Μακ (Lamont Mack), ο οποίος έχει ύψος 2μ.01 και γεννήθηκε στις 16/3/1987. Ο Μακ, ο οποίος αγωνίζεται στις θέσεις "3-4", είναι απόφοιτος του πανεπιστημίου της Σάρλοτ. Την περασμένη περίοδο είχε 15,2 πόντους και 5,7 ριμπάουντ κατά μέσο όρο.

Ο γεννημένος στο Chicago (Illinois) Lamont Mack, έπαιξε στο High School με το Angelina Junior College στο Lufkin του Texas. Εκεί ήταν
"all-America who was ranked as the 21st-best junior college player by JuCoJunction.com ... Mike Mitchell of the Midwest Scouting Report called Mack one of the Top 10 junior college players in America ... a first team all-Texas Junior College selection, Mack averaged 16.5 points and seven rebounds while shooting .420 from three-point range and .720 from the line for head coach Guy Davis ..."
Επαιξε δυο χρόνια στο NCAA (τα πρώτα δυο δεν αγωνίστηκε - μάλλον περίπτωση "Σαρικόπουλου" με αλλαγή κολλεγίου και μη δυνατότητα συμμετοχής στους αγώνες). Τον Ιούλιο έπαιξε με την A&A Millworks κάποιους αγώνες

Τι έλεγε για τον εαυτό του στο site των 49ers :

Mack put up impressive numbers in the second half of the season.
What was different about the first and second halves of the year that led to your impressive improvement:
Coach had a pep talk with me. He needed me to step up and needed me to be in that 1-2 punch behind Leemire.

What was the biggest factor you had to adapt to once you joined the 49ers:
Having a little better IQ for the game. In DI, you have to be smarter with your moves, how you go about making your moves, your timing and knowing when it's a good shot and when it's a bad shot. Basically, the IQ for the game.

How are you approaching your role as a senior leader now that Leemire Goldwire has graduated:
I'm coming out being a leader and doing whatever the team needs. To step up in crucial times on offense or on defense, to get into a passing lane, get a steal, take a charge.

What part of your offensive game needs the most work:
Driving to the hole.

What part do you enjoy the most:
That deep three -- when you hit that and the crowd goes crazy.

Mack comes from Chicago:
How does our Queen City measure up to the Windy City:
The weather's great here. It's a nice city overall. I like the skyline and the people here are great.

You must be a Bulls fan, but what about the White Sox or Cubs:
White Sox -- I'm a Southside guy.

Mack is a 6-7; 230 lb. physical specimen:
If you couldn't play basketball, what sport would be your next choice:
Baseball -- that was my first love.

Mack asked to have his grandmother, Nelgie Jordan, listed in his bio:
What does your grandmother, in particular, stand for, in your eyes:
She pushed me to be the person I am today. She really influenced me a lot -- making sure I was always on track with everything, making sure I respected my elders. She made sure I didn't take anything for granted.

Μια σελίδα με ενδιαφέροντα τρόπο παρουσίασης των στατιστικών του στη διετία των 49ers.

Και τα στατιστικά του με τον "παραδοσιακό" τρόπο που κάνω σε όλους τους παίκτες μας :

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